In Case You Didn’t Follow the News — Here’s What Happened During the 2nd Week of October

Cases Still Rising

Last week was an eventful one, to say the least. The world pandemic is far from slowing; according to the WHO, last week saw the biggest one-day increase ever. Overall, 1 in 10 people is estimated to have had the virus.

Not surprisingly, some countries are experiencing record numbers. France, for example, reached an astounding 27,000 new infections in 24 hours, the Czech Republic was on the verge of a second lockdown, and England’s cases had more than doubled from the previous week. …

Today, October 23th, 2020, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte appeared with Health Minister and so-called Coronaminister Hugo de Jonge in a press conference. The situation is getting worse every day — and is calling for a partial lockdown.

The full press conference in Dutch

Among the new rules announced by the two ministers:

About the HORECA

  • Restaurants, bars, and other HORECA establishments will close. So will any catering sections of other businesses. Hotels may remain open.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops may still serve take-out.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drugs may not be bought between 8 pm and 7 am.

About Social Contact

  • There may be…

In Case You Didn’t Follow the News — Here’s What Happened During the 4th Week of September

UNGA 2020 and COVID-19

On the 4th week of September 2020, the world was focused on the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which opened on the 15th of September and will run until the 30th. For the first time, due to COVID-19, the assembly took place mostly online — and truth be told, coronavirus was a big part of the discussion as well. Kimiro Ishane, for example, talked about the geopolitical consequences of Japan’s response to the pandemic. Christine Lagarde also talked about unexpectedly positive, albeit uncertain, fiscal response for the European Union.

United Nation General Assembly
United Nation General Assembly
It’s the first time in 75 editions that the UNGA has taken place mostly online.

A Unified Response?

As expected, several speakers stressed the need for global cooperation

The Netherlands in Aerial View
The Netherlands in Aerial View

A coronavirus press conference was expected on 29th September 2020, but a day ahead on, September 28, 2020, Rutte and Jonge surprised the Netherlands anticipating it. During the persconferentie (impromptu press conference), The premier Rutte and the health minister De Jonge stressed the gravity of the situation and introduced new rules, aiming to contain COVID-19 contagion and bring the national R-value back to 1.3.

These new policies, according to Jonge, will need to be enforced in order to prevent a later national lockdown. Most are valid nationwide, but some are specifically targeted to hard-hit areas such as Randstad cities.

The New Corona Rules (Maatregels)


In Case You Didn’t Follow the News — Here’s What Happened During the 3rd Week of September

Global COVID-19 Cases Soar

As of last week, there have been more than 30 million COVID-19 infections — with 21 million recovered and almost a million dead. The novel coronavirus is spreading faster and faster, and reaching almost every country in the world — 188 out of 195.

India, in particular, has gained an infamous global spotlight. It has been holding the world primate for the highest number of cases per day since last week, but experts speculate the numbers are probably much higher than reported. Nationals who have recovered have reported a “ COVID recovery trauma” due to the severity of the coronavirus…

In Case You Didn’t Follow the News — Here’s What Happened During the 2nd Week of September

Legislation in the Second Wave

Last week was all about finding a balance between safety and the semblance of normality. While Asia’s AFC Soccer Cup was canceled, schools and beaches have started to reopen, and the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics are in full force. Governments are still working tirelessly to provide their citizens with effective legislation. Most recently, Hungary has announced a coronavirus “ war plan” to safeguard the local economy, and England has doubled down on its social distancing regulations.

International efforts are also on the move. Despite criticism directed at the EU due to a nonunified response to coronavirus, the Council of…

What Happened Last Week, the 1st Week of September?

Schools Reopening in Europe

Last week saw the first day of school for many pupils in Europe. France, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Moldova, and Poland have started sending children back into classrooms after a long flirt with online teaching. Greece, Croatia, Albania, and Italy will follow suit next week, as the government has decided to push back the opening day. Albania and Turkey will start even later.

The reopening of physical classrooms is causing some concern around the globe. A fear is that schools, which often have inadequate ventilation, might spread the virus around even more. …

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What PPE Should I Use?

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Face masks are always a good option
Face masks are always a good option
Face masks are always a good option

Face masks are definitely the kind of PPE most talked about today. And it’s easy to see why: regardless of the different opinions out there, the truth is that face masks are effective against coronavirus (Covid-19) contagion. Scientific studies support their use — and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious…

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